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Our focus is on making you the hero.

Gary Jesch is a special kind of video producer. He loves to help businesses like yours develop videos and images that bring in valuable leads and repeat customers.

Your videos can tell your stories. It’s easier than ever to put them to work in front of new potential customers and leads.

With our help, you can focus on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to build awareness, launch new products and stay in front of your clients and prospects.

Gary’s educational background is in Broadcast Journalism. His work experience includes 25 years of performance animation, working for Fortune 1000 clients at trade shows, corporate meetings and other special events. He has many satisfied customers nationally.

He wants to sit down with you in person, to creatively find solutions to your problems. When that’s not possible, he uses teleconferencing to meet online.

Kevin Webster is a talented script writer. Described by clients as their “go-to guy for all things marketing,” Kevin’s passion and enthusiasm comes across in all his work.

A trained counselor, he is working on his first book “Never Give Up,” in which he teaches people how to adopt the right mind-set and attitude to overcome all obstacles to success.

Fascinated by the power of language and its influence and effect on ourselves and others, he is best known within the industry as a 5-Star freelance video script writer with more than 500 scripts produced.

Kevin, a resident of North Lincolnshire, England, started his working life as a technical illustration draftsman, but quickly realized he preferred a less structured approach to design. He opened his first graphic design and print business back in 1984 with just £50 in his pocket. Since then, he has built and sold numerous marketing and manufacturing businesses. Today he works from his home office – splitting time between family, work, angling and making cheese.

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Our toolbox is loaded with all leading-edge video production software and you can get Do-It-Yourself (DIY) access to much of it right here in our Video Template Store. And you will never have to try it on your own, because we promise to give you excellent service and support. For the first time ever in this industry, you will get hands-on instruction with our experts who use desktop sharing/video conferencing software that’s powerful and easy to use, even on mobile devices.

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