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We’ll provide everything you need to try Atmosphere TV service, and if you like it, you can keep it, free of charge, as long as it’s on in your establishment at least 10 hours a week.

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Feast Your Eyes!


We have helped 20,000+ business owners increase their dwell time, reduce perceived wait time and save on their monthly cable costs.

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Why Atmosphere TV Service?

Take control of your TV screens and provide a fun, family-friendly video solution that allows you to advertise custom promotions and special offers. It’s known to increase customer engagement while adding to your bottom line. Atmosphere TV service is fully customizable to suit the needs of your business and to grow your relations with your customers.

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Run Your Own Ads!

You can run your own ads and promotions and they will appear right inside the channels and programming you select. Your business gets two 30-second slots with repetition up to 30 times per hour. WideWorld Video helps you create your ads or you can use your own videos, and you can schedule them through our easy-to-use Digital Signage Manager. There is no faster way to communicate to customers in the store than Atmosphere TV Service.

Answers to Your Questions

Is WideWorld Video a Certified Reseller?

Yes, Gary Jesch, owner of WideWorld Video, has partnered with Atmosphere TV to bring this amazing technology to businesses in the Reno/Tahoe/Carson City area. Like all business owners, he can appreciate the value of a free service that has such a big impact on certain types of businesses like bars, restaurants, professional services and others.

What do I need to run Atmosphere TV Service?

You need a TV, a power outlet and an Internet connection and we will provide our customized Apple TV+ device. If you have a weak WiFi signal, we can bring in licensed technicians to hard-wire your TV to your router or LAN network. And if you are starting from scratch, Gary will help you pick out a great TV that will fit your budget.

Why is Atmosphere TV free?

National advertising will appear in our video streams from time to time. This advertising is what pays for your hardware and subscription, as long as you keep Atmosphere showing for at least 10 hours a week. If not, there is a $20/month service charge. And if it’s not working out, you can send back the Atmosphere device without any charges. But we think you and your customers will be very impressed! We rarely have anyone  who doesn’t love the unique viral videos and self-promotion capabilities of Atmosphere.

Is all the content free and licensed in advance?

Yes, Atmosphere TV Service provides “Over-The-Top” video streaming, curated at our headquarters in Austin, TX. We’ve carefully selected more than 60 channels, each with its own unique clips and short videos, playing in an audio-optional manner that is business-friendly and family-friendly. Plus, you can select channels and set up your own playlists to suit your type of business and audience.

What if I already use digital signage?

Once you try Atmosphere TV, you’ll even want to consider adding another screen or two in your business, and we can help arrange that! Or you can connect the Atmosphere player up to a second port in your TV and alternate. Your customers will keep asking you to put Atmosphere back on so they can enjoy the show!

How do I get it in my business?

Simple! Just sign up on this page and submit your information, so we can prepare an Atmosphere TV Display Device for immediate shipment. It will arrive in a few days with instructions for quick installation and Gary Jesch of WideWorld Video can be there to help you get it going, and get familiar with the remote controls and the Signage Manager, which you will access via your computer or mobile device. We do request your credit card information for security purposes, but at the moment, there are no charges to pay. We have even waived our Activation Fee!

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