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Feel Confident You Are Getting Seen Online?

As a business owner, do you ever feel a nagging worry that your online presence isn’t as strong as it could be? That potential customers can’t find you on Google Maps and your website leaves them confused?

It’s frustrating, but totally normal. Local search marketing is complex. Google’s algorithms seem intentionally obscure. New review platforms crop up daily. You can’t possibly master it all while operating your business. Unless you have a Search Status Report at your fingertips. So take a look …

Ask Yourself This

What if you could get a detailed visibility assessment spotlighting exactly how to improve local search visibility and confidence?

No More Guesswork

 Our comprehensive Local Search Status Report eliminates guesswork by providing a crystal-clear aerial view of your Google Business Profile (GBP) and your website ranking.

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Picture feeling true peace of mind knowing your Google Business Profile has complete and optimized data-driving maximum visibility.

You Look Like You Know

Confidence that your website offers an intuitive user experience converting traffic into sales. And your Yelp and Google Business Profiles will work harder to catch eager customers.

Win, Instead of Lose

Rest assured you’ll never lose customers to subpar local search marketing again. Organic leads from Search Engine Optimization will reduce your out-of-pocket costs for advertising.

Don't Go It Alone

My Promise: I’ll make this visibility and confidence possible and likely. As your website improves, your business improves. Run your report and we will go over it with you.

SEO Strategy

I will find the gaps, and website issues costing you customers. Then I will make valuable recommendations to resolve problems.

Get Your FREE Report Now

This $200 visibility report is completely free for the Reno/Tahoe/Carson City area local businesses who request it.

Sign up now to receive personalized feedback and recommendations to maximize your local search visibility within 24 hours. We’ll illuminate blindspots across the online touchpoints local customers use to find you so you can make data-driven improvements.

Feel visible, confident, and secure that your marketing strategy connects you to every possible local customer.

You can benefit right now from a guaranteed actionable and personalized visibility report. Don’t wait – request yours today!


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Another Great Offer!

In addition to your free Search Status Report, you can qualify to receive two complementary 30-second videos about your store or restaurant. I’ll produce these pieces valued at $98 each and give them away as “free samples” to use where you want – Facebook and Instagram posts, on your digital signs and even in emails.

Our favorite work is video creation, and we hope that you’ll like these and want us to make more.

No matter what type, from Animated Explainers to Highlighted Products and beyond, you’ll find our work engaging, fun and infused with our professional standards for excellence.


Answers to Your Questions

Is Gary an SEO expert?

It seems like I’m working in that direction, after creating plenty of websites over the years. I can say that SEO is constantly changing and so are websites. I enjoy helping you solve your marketing puzzles, preferably by working on videos, and I know how to solve those traffic-building needs.

What things do your Search Status Reports look at?

The report runs through the completeness of your business’s website ranking for starters. Then it takes a look at several additional aspects related to your business that we can help with, including your Google My Business Profile and Maps listing, Yelp Profile, and effective use of online videos. I’m a Yelp Partner who can assist with your Yelp Profile and your paid advertising with that company. I offer several enhancements that can’t be obtained any other way. Several of my video customers trust me to do their Yelp ads.

How long will it take to see my Search Status Report?

You’ll see it for the first time in about 10-15 minutes after you request it. Then I’ll contact you and you can decide if you’d like to meet in person or by phone. Either way, I’ll send your copy by email. We will look forward to seeing you and sharing our expertise. But don’t delay. This is a limited offer.

Are there any charges associated with the Report?

Nope, I’m doing this as a courtesy so we can get to know each other. It’s a service that other companies provide, for a charge between $47 and $197. It can trigger days of interacting with one salesperson after another. At WorldWide Video, you only hear from me. There is a good chance that we will speak about your video marketing needs at some point, because I have a special offer.

What is your Special Offer?

For certain businesses in the Reno/Tahoe/Carson City area, I will make a couple of free 30-second videos that you can keep for your own. We’ll get together to craft your message and learn where you want to use them.

My other special offer is thanks to Atmosphere TV. If you have a big screen TV in your restaurant or place of business (some businesses are excluded), I will install a free Atmosphere TV player that brings in great, audio-friendly live streams with fantastic programs like Red Bull, Sports, News, Celebrities, Trivia Games and other entertainment. Just let me know if you want to try out Atmosphere TV. I’m their Certified Partner in this region.

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A Word of Encouragement


Pleasure to meet you, I’m Gary Jesch. I fell in love with graphics, videos and animation about 40 years ago. My freelance photography and graphics business was doing fine in Reno. However, it was time to specialize, so I took the less traveled path and invested everything into interactive avatars, creating a company called CHOPS Live Animation.

In 2018, I opened a second business to help local businesses with video technology. At times I’m on top of a ladder doing an installation, but I spend most of my time at work polishing up and creating animated videos. Some of them still include my CHOPS characters.

What makes me happy is making my clients happy. The best part is hearing about your business successes and how I helped overcome marketing challenges and brought you real solutions that get more folks into your doors.

Please take me up on my offers to help. I’d like to make your day, in a fun way of course.

Gary Jesch

Senior Communications Specialist, WideWorld Video

Gary Jesch, owner WideWorld Video

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