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Content Management of Video Systems

Making Digital Signs Dynamic

Digital signs have evolved far beyond just simple static advertisements. With sophisticated content management software, you can program your digital signs to display dynamic video content that informs, entertains, educates, and engages customers in an impactful way.

Centralize Control in the Cloud

A major advantage of a cloud-based content management system is the ability to remotely publish content updates to screens in multiple locations from a central dashboard. This simplifies scaling and managing a digital signage network for even large chains of stores. Whether you have 5 or 500 screens, you can push out playlists, schedule video loops, and manage everything from one place.

Stream Content from Many Sources

A robust content management system allows you to pull video assets from an array of sources. You can easily upload your own promotional videos, advertisements, and custom content you have created to align with your brand identity. Most systems also integrate with online content libraries and streaming platforms to access millions of video clips at your fingertips. This allows you to incorporate all sorts of entertainment, educational, informative, and lifestyle content from leading providers.

Program Varied Playlists

The key to great digital signage content is variation to match different viewing contexts. Having an array of tailored video playlists lets you customize messaging for different times of day, seasons, events, audience demographics, and more. For example, quick morning news and weather updates can give customers something useful to watch with their coffee. Short music videos make great lively evening entertainment when customers are relaxing. Holiday-themed trivia games and decorative visuals can excite people during seasonal events. The options are endless!

Optimize the Viewing Experience

With programmable digital signage, you can deliberately schedule when different types of content appear to optimize the customer experience. Short videos under a minute work well for customers in waiting areas or checkout lines where view time is limited. In restaurants, it’s best to avoid sound-heavy videos during busy mealtimes and shift to more visual-focused clips. Longer educational videos often hold attention well in reception rooms, lobbies or places where customers dwell longer.

Engage Sports Fans

For sports bars, content management systems provide game scores, player stats, and analysis to supplement live sports broadcasts. This kind of video keeps fans engaged even during commercials and halftime. Some systems feed curated music videos in between big games to keep the energy going.

Inform Travelers

Systems with news, weather and traffic can provide travelers at airports, train stations, hotels and more with real-time travel condition updates. This helps customers make decisions on the go. Information focused on the local community is appreciated and useful.

Educate Customers

Doctors and dentists can program digital signs in waiting rooms to loop short informational videos related to healthcare, anatomy, and procedures. This gives patients something interesting and educational to watch while waiting.

Reinforce Brand Identity

The content you display on digital signage either strengthens or weakens your brand identity in customers’ minds. Using your brand colors, logo, spokespeople, messaging and visual style throughout playlists of video shorts helps reinforce branding for viewers. And supplementing branded content with complementary lifestyle topics aligned to your target demographic makes the experience feel tailored and even personalized to some extent.

Get Creative with Interactive Content

Some cutting-edge content management systems enable interactive digital signage. Integrations with motion sensors, mobile apps or other inputs allow customers to control or respond to on-screen content. This opens possibilities like gamification, personalized information feeds, virtual concierge assistance, and much more to astonish customers. Wayfinding in hospitals, malls and hotels assists and eases the concerns that folks may get lost or waste time getting where they are going.

Digital Signage Content Ideas

Here are just a few examples of engaging content categories to program into your digital signage video playlists:
• Lifestyle vignettes aligned to your target demographic
• Staff interviews & company culture videos
• Product demonstrations
• Customer testimonials
• Event promotions & discounts
• Curated news, weather, traffic updates
• Local area sights & attractions
• Industry expert tips or advice
• Holiday-themed trivia & visuals
• Crowd-cam showing customers themselves
• Product & brand historical shorts
• Behind-the-scenes company videos
• Photo slideshows & music visualizers
• Sustainability & community highlights

The Possibilities are Endless

As you can see, the flexibility of today’s digital signage content management software allows for almost endless possibilities to inform, engage, entertain and connect with audiences in line with your brand. The right video content strategy can go a long way in crafting memorable customer experiences, showcasing helpful information, and embedding your brand creatively across screens.


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