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Digital Signage

AtmosphereTV and WideWorld Video Join Forces to Bring Free Video Signage to Local Businesses

Big Screen TVs Serve Many Kinds of Businesses

  • Improve your sales by promoting what you do best
  • Puts valuable messages where you want them to be seen
  • Integrates many types of communications
  • Easy to administer remotely and update content
  • TVs and hardware have evolved with lower prices

The total cost of ownership of digital signage for businesses has dropped significantly in recent months, so that the overall investment in TV and player hardware is lower than ever.

And business owners can work with us here at Wide World Video to get original video content created or they can do it themselves using browser-based software that reliably performs with ease and great designs.

In fact, every aspect of the digital signage workflow can be done remotely, without physical access to the device. Stunning digital menus, social media displays, animated videos featuring promotions and specials and even licensed music are all part of our current offering.

Big screen TVs can also be used by businesses for back-of-house content delivery such as opening and closing procedures, compliance messages. 

Here at Wide World Video, we are re-sellers for Yodeck and their HDMI device that fits easily into the back of any big-screen TV, transforming it into a digital sign. Once the WiFi connection is established, the display comes on and runs without any “hands-on” operation, as long as the TV is turned on.

Here is just how simple it is –

The Yodeck Player fits into the back of any consumer or commercial big-screen TV’s HDMI port. On the first installation, you identify your WiFi system, and then after that, it runs automatically.

You’ll never need to touch the player again. All the rest of the work is done on our computer via the Yodeck Dashboard..

There we can create your playlists, add and manage content, and build designs with an integrated software called “PosterMyWall.” All the security and storage requirements are handled behind the scenes by us, making the operation simple and efficient.

And if your WiFi or Internet goes down in your business, the contents of your playlists are stored directly on the player.

Feel free to contact me for a live demo of the entire Yodeck package. 

Done-For-You (DFY) Graphics and Videos

Stepping into the world of “Done-for-You” graphics and video is a smart move if you are an owner or business person with enough work already.

You can feel confident about turning over your entire digital signage project to our experienced staff. We’ll be able to install new TVs to meet ADA codes, make the connection with our hardware and get a good amount of beautiful and informative content up on your screen in a few days.

After that, we will set you up with a service package that keeps your system looking fresh and your images working hard. And when you are ready for some impactful video content, we will bring out our best skills and talent to get the job done without excessive costs.

If you chose this path, everything is literally “Done-for-You” except deciding on the goals and objectives of your in-house digital signage system. And we’ll provide quotes and detailed plans so you will know just what to expect.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Graphics and Videos

Some system owners like the “Do-It-Yourself” approach to creating content for their digital signs.

You may like working with graphics and videos, have a staff person who can handle it or want to mix it up and do part of the work on your own. We work with you, starting with your goals and objectives, to meet your needs at every step. Perhaps some training sessions are required or you just need a little guidance to get started.

Many of the design and video templates sold in our online template store are great content for certain types of businesses, and we will be happy to help you choose what might work.

You can count on us here at Wide World Video to be the team players you want, for a lasting relationship of design skills and support.

We provide online video call sessions at your convenience to share information and hands-on guidance.

This video was created in just a few minutes, using a template process for the girl and the window background, PowerPoint templates to generate the individual screens and Adobe Premiere Pro to insert the transitions between slides.

The final piece was exported as a MP4 video file and uploaded into my YouTube channel, and displayed here on the website. It can now be used in social media, on digital signage, and in many other places.

Here is a sample recording of a Playlist I designed, to show the great styles and variety of animations that we can display. Most of these are based on easy-to-use, low-cost templates we provide in the system.


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