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The next time you see some fun, short, inspirational videos in your favorite bar, waiting room or laundromat, it could be thanks to the partnership of Atmosphere, the world’s leading streaming TV service for businesses and its newest local certified reseller, Gary Jesch of WideWorld Video.

Optimized for viewing in public spaces, Atmosphere’s engaging content encompasses viral video compilations, extreme sports, lifestyle, art, ambient nature and entertainment. The content includes both owned-and-operated channels such as Chive TV, Happy TV, and Atmosphere News, as well as those created with partners including Tik Tok, Red Bull, X Games, and America’s Funniest Videos.


Atmosphere makes it easy for business owners to get up and running. New customers are sent a free device in the mail that connects to their existing TV setup, alongside detailed instructions on how to connect to WiFi and start streaming. No technician is required, but a support line exists in case problems arise. In addition to 60+ channels, Atmosphere provides a robust digital signage manager, allowing business owners to create their own in-house ads, alerting their customers to current promotions and events.

“These engaging videos are really great, much better than what cable TV is showing,” Jesch explains. “I love it because it’s so unique, youthful and doesn’t repeat itself like regular TV. I think it will create happier wait times in local businesses because it’s so fun to watch.”


Jesch’s video production service, WideWorld Video, supports his Atmosphere customers with  design and video production services. He’s also a network technician for Northern Nevada Low Voltage, licensed locally to provide TV hardware installations and network connectivity for Reno/Carson/Tahoe area businesses, so he can handle both the installations and the content of the signage.

“It’s always better to work with someone who can meet both your audio-visual (AV) hardware installation needs and your video creation in the same shop. And my main goal is helping clients communicate with their customers easily and inexpensively. So if they need help or advice, I’m their go-to video guy,” Jesch says.

“Today, a business owner can pick up a huge 84-inch TV with a two-year warranty for under $2,000 at Costco, have us install it and have billboard-sized graphics running on it, customized with their logos,” Jesch says. “They can choose something just right for their business operation, either new or existing.”

Jesch’s venture into local video production services began in 2018 when he started working with musicians and comedians to live-stream their performances to Facebook from a Carson City nightclub. He’s an experienced producer of real-time character animation, real estate videos, 2D and 3D explainer videos, webinars, training videos and programs used in presentations by businesses.

Gary Jesch, owner and visual communication specialist, works with local businesses catering to the public. The majority of his customers want to increase their profits and sales by putting information on digital signs, where they attract attention and get noticed as marketing messages. Other clients use his digital signage in “back-of-house” applications to communicate with employees. He provides video content creation, production services and hardware installations, with local customer service in Carson City, Reno/Sparks and Lake Tahoe.

To schedule a live demo, contact Gary at https://chopsdemo.as.me

Link to our sign-up page https://wideworldvideo.com/atmosphere

Atmosphere is the leading streaming TV platform for businesses, offering more than 64 original and partner TV channels. The platform has been built from the ground up with proprietary content, technology and data to deliver unparalleled experiences for businesses and advertisers. The business was incubated within Chive Media Group (theCHIVE) and spun out in 2019.

For more information, visit atmosphere.tv.


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