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Digital A-Board Signs For Sale

Once a business rolls one of our super-bright digital A-Boards to the front entrance of their store and turns it on, customers can see it is meant for business. At 1500 nits, it shines in the sunlight, playing videos and showing all kinds of great displays on a good-sized screen with a computer hidden in its back. It’s called an A-Board because it looks like the letter A from the side, a name given to its wooden chalkboard predecessors .


In some ways, you can think of it like a really large laptop with a long-lasting LI battery. It’s a sealed enclosure holding a 43-inch LED screen with a leg in the back that encloses a miniature Android computer. It’s completely wireless when running on battery and connected to the Internet by WiFi.

Imagine being able to simply control all the content from the comfort of a home or business, updating menus, writing up specials, and communicating with your customers via such a nice screen that can be easily moved. Our biggest concern is that it should probably be locked down with a cable lock, so someone doesn’t wheel it off when you aren’t looking.


Jesch’s video production service, WideWorld Video, was established to make sure that local businesses don’t have to be on their own when it comes to dealing with marketing videos and signage.

“It’s always better to work with someone who can meet both your audio-visual (AV) hardware installation needs and your video creation in the same shop. My main goal is to help clients communicate with their customers easily and inexpensively. So if they need help or advice, I’m their go-to video guy,” Jesch says.

“This digital A-Board screen is such a nice advancement when it comes to signage. So many businesses can use it for everything from special events to broadcasting their messages,” Jesch says. The built-in speakers are powerful and the battery can last for well over 15 hours on a single charge.

Jesch’s venture into local video production services began in 2018 when he started working with musicians and comedians to live-stream their performances to Facebook from a Carson City nightclub. He’s an experienced producer of real-time character animation, real estate videos, 2D and 3D explainer videos, webinars, training videos and programs used in presentations by businesses.


Contact me immediately to get a spec sheet and more information about Digital A-Boards. They take about four-to-six weeks to arrive from our distributor. Call for a quote that includes delivery and our warranty, plus content creation and management services. We make it easy and fun.



Gary Jesch, owner and visual communication specialist, works with local businesses catering to the public. The majority of his customers want to increase their profits and sales by putting information on digital signs, where they attract attention and get noticed as marketing messages. Other clients use his digital signage in “back-of-house” applications to communicate with employees. He provides video content creation, production services and hardware installations, with local customer service in Carson City, Reno/Sparks and Lake Tahoe.

To schedule a live demo, contact Gary at https://chopsdemo.as.me

Link to our main page https://wideworldvideo.com/


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