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Commercial AV Products – Screens, Mounts, Surveillance Systems

Digital signage not only modernizes in-store marketing;  it provides measurable results while overcoming many limitations of traditional displays. We work with local distributors to source the many types of commercial AV products used in digital signage installations, such as wide-screen video displays, mounting systems, content players and HDMI hardware. The flexibility, accessibility and innovation it enables helps retailers stand apart – leading to greater brand affinity and sales that ultimately translate to a sustained competitive advantage. The data and messaging amplification potential paves a path for small businesses to cost-effectively build loyalty on a hyper-local level not matched by big competitors.

We provide individual quotes for the hardware equipment as well as professional labor and installation materials for all our commercial jobs. The type of installations may vary from in-store screens to video conference systems in board rooms and digital signage for warehouses and distribution centers. The electrical, also known as “low-voltage,” covers internet connections with category 6 cabling to network hubs and WiFi access points. For high-voltage electrical work, you’ll need to bring in your own electrical contractor.

Designing systems considers the viewing distance from the screens, the ambient lighting and brightness requirements, and where wall and ceiling mounts can be safely attached. In some cases, we may help you add surveillance cameras and recorders, for a greater level of security for your business.

WideWorld Video’s content creators assist with the messaging and management of the content appearing on your screen and digital signage systems. Be sure to contact us for more information.

Here are a few of the hundreds of professional AV products available from our local distributor:


Commercial AV Products - March Specials

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