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65-inch, 4K-Android Freestanding Digital Posters – L65UHD3

The freestanding digital poster is a show-stopping digital signage totem of incredible proportions, with the attraction power of a big lightbox made video-capable. And not any video, but 4K resolution out of software, third party devices or Android media player software connected to our CMS portal.

A lockable rear compartment houses cables and computer, and the machine has integrated casters and recessed rear handles to make it easy to move. Once in place, the feet can be retracted. Two speakers are also integrated into the slimline design. You’ll know right away where you want to position the unit, and if you change your mind, no problem.

An attractive, large-format 4K freestanding digital poster or display with a sleek tablet-like design can be a powerful solution for driving more foot traffic and engagement in a brick-and-mortar business setting. Beyond just solving traffic woes, such a digital signage investment could provide multiple benefits:

Content Flexibility and Space Optimization – With a high-resolution 4K display, you can showcase vivid product/service imagery, promotional videos, interactive digital menus and more to capture attention. Easy cloud-based content management allows updating messaging frequently. Rather than printed posters taking up space, a single digital display can dynamically showcase multiple rotating promotions in one optimized location. This frees up areas for other merchandising.

Brand Reinforcement and Centralized Management – A modern, stylish tablet-style enclosure elevates your brand’s perception of being innovative and keeping up with the latest customer experience trends. If implementing multiple displays, cloud software enables scheduling content and controlling all screens remotely from one central platform for consistency.

Data-Driven Insights, Remote Versatility – Many digital signage solutions integrate sensor technology to provide valuable analytics around audience attention metrics, dwell times, demographics and more to fine-tune your messaging. With a secure cloud-based CMS, content can be updated and managed from any location across multiple customer touchpoints beyond just one business.

Take a look at the specs for this unique digital sign and be sure to see the entire four-page PDF document. You can open it by clicking and using the page-turners in the lower left corner. For more information about ordering and installation, contact Gary from this page.

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