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23-inch Shelf-Edge Touch Displays

Transforming Retail Experiences with Shelf-Edge Displays

In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, capturing customer attention is more challenging than ever. As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, traditional merchandising techniques give way to dynamic, interactive experiences. Enter shelf-edge video displays — a game-changing solution that redefines how businesses engage with their customers.

Engaging Customers with Captivating Visuals on Shelf-Edge Displays

Shelf-edge video displays bring products to life and create an immersive shopping experience that captivates customers when they shop. Using eye-catching animations, vibrant colors, and compelling content, these displays highlight key product features and benefits. They showcase promotions and limited-time offers, provide interactive product demonstrations, and offer personalized recommendations based on customer preferences.

Benefits of Shelf-Edge Displays:

Maximize Retail Space Efficiency

In the competitive world of retail, every inch of space counts. Shelf-edge displays with video screens make the most of a store’s layout. They eliminate the need for bulky, traditional signage, enable dynamic product placement and easy content updates, and allow for targeted messages based on location and customer demographics. Touch displays provide customers with nutrition and allergen details that are easily readable and immediately available.

Boost Sales and Customer Engagement

When the right message gets to the right customer at the right time, they buy products. Shelf-edge displays have been shown to increase product sales by up to 20% and increase customer engagement and dwell time. They might encourage impulse purchases and upselling opportunities, and reduce perceived wait times at checkout.

Streamline Operations with Centralized Content Management

Shelf-edge video displays enhance the customer experience as well as simplify store operations. With a centralized content management system, stores can update product information and pricing, and remotely control displays across multiple locations. Consistent messaging and branding throughout the store, and integration with existing inventory management systems are also possible.

Create a Winning Content Strategy

To maximize the impact of shelf-edge display screens, marketers develop a content strategy that aligns with business goals and target audience. Focus on clear, concise messaging that highlights key product features and benefits. Use high-quality visuals and animations to capture attention. Incorporate customer reviews and testimonials to build trust. They tailor content to specific customer segments and shopping behaviors. They regularly update and refresh content to keep displays engaging.

Train Your Staff for Success

A staff well-versed in the capabilities and benefits of shelf-edge video displays is key to the successful implementation of shelf-edge displays. Comprehensive training that covers basic operation and troubleshooting, content creation and management, customer engagement techniques, and gathering feedback and insights will optimize display performance. If needed, marketers bring in a communications specialist with experience in content creation for this product.

Measure the Impact of Your Shelf-Edge Video Displays

To continually refine and improve your video shelf-edge display strategy, marketers track certain metrics. They mostly monitor sales lift for featured products, customer engagement rates and dwell times, content performance and A/B testing results, and customer feedback and satisfaction scores.

​Interactive touch shelf-edge displays are the most eye-catching endcap video displays we’ve ever seen.

We often have eager users looking over our shoulders as we install these unique displays. The challenge is learning about what types of content beyond flashy graphics contribute to the shoppers’ experiences.

Stores can upgrade those endcaps into something amazing by using video and animation to market products and publish dynamic pricing strategies instantly. Combined with our Ultra-Wide Stretched displays, they create a place to run attention-grabbing content seamlessly across the entire promotional endcap.

Built-in touch functionality encourages shoppers to investigate and play with the screens. Each display is bright and has an anti-glare coating, sleek narrow bezels, and ultra-wide viewing angles. Built-in Android players allow for easy updating. We can provide specialized software packages that allow us to synchronize the content on the screen with existing stock systems or other forms of real-time messaging.

The standard size is 23 inches wide. Other sizes are available, with HD video resolution of 1920×158. The net weight is about two pounds. Each device has its own built-in Android computer with USB, WiFi, and HDMI connections.

When managing the content, the displays can be sectioned into different media zones, giving an effective and entertaining appearance to any endcap in the store.

Take the First Step Toward Transforming Your Retail Experience

Ready to revolutionize your store and captivate your customers like never before? Contact WideWorld Video today to learn more about our shelf-edge video display solutions and schedule a free consultation. These come from our manufacturer in the UK – AllSee Technologies.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your retail experience and drive your business forward. Embrace the power of shelf-edge video displays with WideWorld Video and watch your store thrive in the digital age.

For more information about ordering and installation of these shelf edge touch displays, and to look at all our screen solutions for your business, contact Gary by phone or using one of the Contact forms on this website.



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