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Windows PCAP Touch-Screen Kiosks

Here are some of the key benefits that touch-screen kiosk solutions can provide for small brick-and-mortar businesses:

Enhanced Customer Engagement – Touch-screen kiosks allow for interactive experiences that actively involve customers, increasing dwell time and engagement compared to passive signage.

Product Research & Guided Selling – Customers can browse detailed product info, compare options, watch demos and be guided through the shopping journey at their own pace.

Digital Sampling & Customization – For products like food, cosmetics, apparel, etc., touch -screen kiosks enable digital sampling/visualization of customized items before purchase.

Contactless Ordering & Payments – Self-service kiosks facilitate contactless ordering and secure payment, streamlining buy flows – especially convenient for QSRs, retailers, etc.

Data Collection & CRM Integration – Customer interactions can be tracked and tied to profiles, enabling personalized recommendations and tailored remarketing.

Extended Aisle & Endless Aisles – Kiosks open up inventory access beyond just what’s stocked in-store through digital aisles and fulfillment options.

Employee Productivity Gains – Self-help kiosks reduce staffing needs for basic inquiries, freeing employees for higher-value sales activities.

Promotional Messaging – Attractive kiosk wraps and screensavers effectively spotlight products and offers when not in use.

Space Savings & Flexibility – Compact kiosks replace the need for printed signage/catalogs, saving space while being transportable.

Our All-in-one kiosks feature built-in Windows or Android PCs and an ergonomic design, plus a commercial-grade LCD panel and LED backlight. They can be used 24/7 and have no external buttons or controls. One feature that everyone likes is the two integrated slimline speakers for audio. Each kiosk has up to 10 touchpoints, allowing them to be manipulated like a regular tablet. A remote control is included.

For more information about ordering, programming, and installation of your touch-screen kiosks, contact Gary by phone or using one of the Contact forms on this website. The PDF document shown below has four pages, including specs. Click on the first page and you will see a small arrow in the lower left corner to advance and zoom the pages.


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