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(Article provided by the good folks at Raydiant – makers of the ScreenRay HDMI Device)

Digital Signage Goes To Trade Shows with Internet via Cellular Device

LOS ANGELES & SAN FRANCISCO – March 5, 2020 – Digital signage solutions provider, Raydiant, and advanced connectivity provider, Simplifi® are joining forces in an exciting new partnership that makes Raydiant’s digital signage solution the most affordable, secure, and easiest to deploy signage on the market.

One of the greatest challenges of deploying and managing digital signage is getting the signage on-line. Sometimes, locations will not want digital signage to use the existing on-premise private network. When they do allow it, the signs quality of service may be negatively impacted. 

Simplifi Connect plugs into power and connects to the Internet via a cellphone provider, or Ethernet and Wifi. It’s the built-in high-speed cellphone style connection that helps digital signage at trade shows.

Thanks to Simplifi’s plug and play form factor, it’s high-end routing stack, remote management and broadband and LTE technology, deploying a second network with LTE primary or failover has never been easier. Even clients with unreliable internet connections at trade shows and convention halls can experience a top of the line digital signage experience with enterprise-level connectivity.

When using Simplifi + Raydiant customers have reported over 80% reduction in networking costs and 30% increase in sales on a month to month basis. This is due to the simplicity of the solution, the remote management capability for content and connectivity and the increase in engagement through Raydiant enabled screens.

Commenting on the partnership, Raydiant CEO, Bobby Marhamat, said: “After working together late last year on some projects, both companies recognized how well the Simplifi Connect solution supports Raydiant’s mission to bring locations to life with digital signage. We can now help even more clients – especially those in rural locations or with unreliable internet connections – present dynamic digital displays to customers and employees.”

The 2019 ​Global Digital Signage Market r​eport states that the size of the global digital market is expected to reach $29.8 billion by 2024. Raydiant intends to be the industry’s leading provider by demonstrating to new and existing digital signage users that implementing and managing digital signs can be both simple and affordable. With a solution that takes less than 5 minutes to set up, doesn’t require a professional designer and can be controlled from anywhere, digital signage has never been so easy.

The Simplifi Connect plug-n-play router device provides enterprise-grade, advanced connectivity features. Besides its suitability as a primary router with back-up, the device can also serve as a back-up for other router/extender solutions or as an enterprise failover. With this process, digital signage will not be disturbed when the primary network fails and if and when things do fail, Simplifi automatically picks up the slack by working as a backup network. In many cases, clients prefer to run their digital signage on an entirely separate network, which is also made simple and easy with Simplifi.

Simplifi claims it can deliver speeds of 150 Mbps with its device, and can connect with 10 WiFi devices at once.

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