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Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos Tell Special Stories

  • Engage users with choices
  • Complete with alternatives like submitting emails
  • Popups come out of videos at set points
  • Users watch them over and over again
  • Good for animation, photos and videos you shoot

Typically, this type of video goes on a web page, as it depends on the server to play it back properly. Your script or storyboard is laid out together with Gary, who makes each individual sequence that goes into the final piece. He’ll find just the right place to provide a branch or one of many techniques to pull the user in. And he will help you get the metrics of views and behavior as a result.

Here are some samples we made using our interactive avatars recently –

Gary’s note: This piece was composed and completed in about two working days, start to finish. We used our interactive avatars as the cast. The video is designed to be a sample video for a company who will help kids with autism. Children with autism often have problem with social skills. The objective was to provide a video that helped them, with the help of a parent or therapist, address and discuss specific concerns. Feel free to give it a try and let us know how you like it.
Gary’s note: This piece was also composed and completed in about two working days, start to finish. I had a lot of fun bringing both characters to life as I was recording the many sequences. My live animation system, the Digital Puppeteer, allows me to record the performances right into Adobe Premiere. I check them and trim them to just the right length, then add them to the project. My assistant, Dr. Elisabeth Whyte, played an essential role in helping say just the right words in the scripts.
Gary’s note: The purpose of this video is to help a child with autism practice ordering his lunch at a fast food restaurant. Often, kids get too much anxiety and fright to even speak in such a public place. Their experience with this video gives them self-confidence and some guidance about what to do when things don’t work out perfectly.

For more information about our work with kids with autism and live animation, you are welcome to visit our website at Invirtua. Some of the proceeds from CHOPS Video go to work on this cause, where we are doing research and studies to support therapists and parents who deal with autism on a regular basis.


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