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What our clients say about us

David Friedman

Gary Jesch has been amazing every step of the way from install to the handling of issues as they arise. Gary has installed approximately 20 devices in my 10 businesses, and I know I can always count on him for prompt, professional, and thorough service.

– Jason Tolotti, Flowing Tide Pubs
Service: Atmosphere TV

David Friedman

Gary has been doing some custom marketing projects for us at AGMA and has proven an invaluable asset for us and our clients. He understands how to help engineers make highly technical content accessible and understandable for audiences of various levels of technical proficiency. I highly recommend his services.

– Dave Friedman
American Gear Manufacturers Association
Service: Webinar Hosting and Moderation

Paul Bronken

A caring professional with highest quality a top priority. Great to work with too.

– Paul Bronken, Paul Bronken Comedy
Service: Live Streaming Video, Content Creation

Samaria Brugger

Gary is very knowledgeable and helped me come up with a great website and scheduler.

– Samaria Brugger, Dog Coach Academy
Service: Website Development

Casey Conway

I had a very specific and rather unusual job that needed doing, and Gary jumped in enthusiastically with both feet. He was every bit as helpful as I could ever have hoped, going above and beyond in numerous ways, and I greatly look forward to future collaborations with him.

– Casey Conway, Copywriter
Service: Portrait Photography

Uwe Nikoley

Great knowledge of Video and photography. He did a fantastic job for us at our SS Central America Shipwreck Auction last year. Also a fantastic job as our primary product photographer, speeded up production significantly. Five Stars!!

– Uwe NIkoley, Holabird Western Americana
Service: Catalog Photography, Video Streaming

Glen Sanders

Gary is a pleasure to work with and our collaboration is made better by his interest and enthusiasm for our product and its uses.

– Glen Sanders, NanoCosmos
Service: Live Streaming Video

John Day

Gary has always done really great work for us. Top notch quality with a great attitude. Hard to beat!

– John Day, AV Hero
Service: AV Installation Technician

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