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Check out our Do-It-Yourself Section – the Template Store

You are just a click away from our creative video helper – the Template Store.

Let me explain how it works. There are several categories to check out, depending on what use you have planned for your video. In each section, you will find many templates that can be modified to add your content, including photos, text, and additional videos. You can do your edits and publish the videos quickly after you purchase them, and they are immediately ready to download as your own. You can use them anywhere you wish.

The template system is easy to use once you’ve done it once or twice. Now you can contact me for 50% off any template you find, which is the same as Two-For-One.

Let me know if you need any help getting them to work, or if you want to see more types, to find the perfect one. We’ll hold a screen-sharing meeting to guide you through personal service via Zoom.

You can make an appointment here on the WideWorld Video Appointment Scheduler.

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