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Landing Pages Need Videos

Boost Conversions with Landing Pages and Videos

More and more people are going online to find products, services, and information. As a business owner, you want these people to buy from your company. One way to get them to do this is with a landing page that talks about your offering. Adding a video to your landing page can make it stand out and get more conversions. This article will teach you how.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a special web page that talks about one particular offering from a company – like a product, service, or information kit. It helps convince visitors to take a desired action, like signing up or buying something. Landing pages allow you to guide your visitors toward that action in a focused way.

Why Add a Video?

Simply put, video allows you to better connect with website visitors. It is more interesting than plain text or photos. Video also helps build trust and credibility for your brand. When visitors feel like they know and can trust you, they are more likely to convert and buy something.

Choose a Hot Topic

Before making your video, do some homework to find out what is currently popular and being talked about a lot online. These “trending topics” could give you ideas on what to base your video on. Sites like Google Trends and Buzzsumo let you see rising search terms and social media buzz. You want your video to be about something people care about right now. That way, more folks are likely to watch it and drop by your landing page.

Use Keywords in Your Video

Once you pick a good trending topic, do more research to find “keywords” related to it. Keywords are the actual search terms and phrases that people type into Google and YouTube when looking for information on your chosen hot topic. Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can tell you keyword popularity and search volumes.

As you make your video, work your most important keywords in naturally. You usually want to mention them multiple times. Why? Because this helps the search engines connect your video and landing page to those popular searches. When you show up more prominently in results, you drive more visitors. More visitors equals more potential conversions!

Set Goals and Track Progress

Before launching your new landing page and video, first outline measurable goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). These are targets that help define success. Goals could include total conversions, conversion rate, cost per conversion, etc. Analytics tools then allow you to break down how well your efforts are hitting those goals.

Set up tracking in Google Analytics ahead of time. As folks start coming to your page and watching your video, the data will get recorded. Keep optimizing based on what content and formats perform best. By staying goal-focused, you make sure your landing page and video keep generating results.

The Value of Visitor Data

Your landing page and video aren’t just for driving conversions and sales. They also collect prospect data so you can better market to interested visitors across the web. Analytics show key traits like traffic sources, locations, ages, site activity, and more. As your data store grows over time, so does its value in revealing customer insights.

Examine the information on engagement duration, click-throughs, form fills, and which links folks click. Then use this intel to fine-tune your video and page content. The better it aligns with people’s wants and needs, the more credible your brand becomes in your target audience’s eyes.

Protecting Visitor Data

While prospect data helps your bottom line, you also have an ethical duty to handle it carefully. Never ever sell or share data with outside parties. Use strong security measures like encryption, strict access controls, multi-factor authentication, and routine network scans.

Monitor data flows to only collect what you truly need. Have certain staff handle inquiries, requests, or deletions promptly. By being transparent on your privacy policy and securing data properly, site visitors gain more trust in your brand as stewards of their information.

In Closing

Adding video to your landing pages provides a big boost in keeping visitors engaged. Ensure your videos focus on trending topics that align with target buyer interests and pain points. Work keywords in seamlessly to attract more organic traffic from search engines. Define measurable goals, continually track progress in analytics, and use those insights to optimize your pages. Treat prospect data as the valuable asset it is by handling it securely. In the end, video-powered landing pages help you convert more prospects into happy, loyal customers!


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