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Video Types

Right Type of Video? Problem Solved!

Digital Signage

your message in your store

Get big and important messages in front of your customers where they can been seen, using our Content Management technology. Learn how you can use your favorite browser to control your screens and add content that you can change easily.



Whether you are in a band or run a business, you can get a lot of promotional value and traffic by using live streaming video. We’ve found ways to significantly reduce the costs while maintaining quality, using Sling Studio equipment.

Custom Productions

Traditional videos

From script to shooting to production, we will tell your story. Professional photographers at their best. Developing customer videos using narrations, talent, videography, 3D animation and sound tracks is our passion.

Instagram Vids

reach thousands

You have a big advantage with Instagram and Facebook video ads by targeting audiences. These ads and stories show brilliant and vivid images. They sound great and have powerful calls-to-action.

Interactive Vids

Viewers choose paths

Put choices in front of your viewers on your web site and let them choose the stories they see. They stick around to get all they can. Metrics tell you the story of their behavior with your content.

Animated Logos

short and catchy

Send just the right message about your company with your logo in an animated video, perhaps attached to some longer form. We will help you find just the right way of expressing your brand identity.

Animated Explainers

Your story in cartoons

Cartoon videos attract attention and pull viewers into your stories. They are colorful and somewhat playful. That’s what people like about them. They tell your story in a special way that people want to share with their friends.

Designs & Mockups

Do fast mockups

See your designs on everything from t-shirts to billboards. Check your logo on phones, tablets, posters, anything. Make special videos where you place your video in a video. Visit our Template Store!

Personalized Vids

go the extra step

You can turn your videos into amazing opt-ins and lead magnets on your website and Facebook. Drive new customers by showing their names and other info right in your personalized videos.

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