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Live Streaming Videos


We shoot with multiple camera set-ups, catching every detail for:

  • Musicians and bands. comedians, stage shows, entertainers
  • Product launches and corporate special events
  • Family memorials and get-togethers
  • Retail stores, restaurants, and other business locations
  • Trainings, live meetings, and conferences
  • Extra-fast set-up and break-downs
  • Shot with minimal crew requirements for lower costs
  • Streamed to all services, including your web pages, Facebook and YouTube

Using a revolutionary videography system, Gary and his crew can do live video streaming and recording video simultaneously using the innovative Sling Studio system. Gary is known for shooting band and music programs that last three hours, by himself, with four to five cameras going at once. He operates a camera on a gimbal in one hand, and a video switcher and audio mixer on the iPad around his neck.

His team can record and stream both indoor and outdoor events, capturing pictures, slides, audio, speakers and everything about the event in real-time, for people everywhere to watch and enjoy. His video streaming partners provide the technology that eliminates all but a single second of lag or delay, and high-resolution, HD1080 video is sent to the destination of your choice. Programs can also be recorded and edited after the fact.

Jesch is an outstanding and experienced video technician with a stage and audio technician background. He knows the importance of great audio and camera angles. He’s also very skilled at the other stages of production, including planning and posting recorded pieces. Plus he brings a bunch of backup gear to every shoot.

Live events require a hard-wired internet connection, so we have the best settings to connect and send your live video wherever you want it to go.

*We can organize production teams to assist us at large and very large events that require extra personnel and resources from our video production professional partners. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to show any recordings of our past projects, like our 12-day shoot at a stadium in Washington DC for a Kalachakra with the Dali Lama in 2012 or the many opening sessions we’ve been involved with around the US.

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