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Personalized Videos for
Facebook Are Super Heroes

Personalized Videos for Facebook leap tall sales pages in a single bound. 

Like Goldilocks says, “Super Hero Personalized Video Ads are just right!”

People see their names, pictures and other identifying words, right in the ads. The ads are very interactive.

  • These powerful square ads replace landing pages and lead magnets
  • Every form-fill generates a lead in the email inbox and in the spreadsheet
  • Square videos can be used effortlessly as ads or posts
  • We’ll connect your ads directly to your email software
  • We build-in a viral sharing mechanism users love – Addtoany.com

There are two main parts to a Super Hero Personalized Video for Facebook – the video content and the list builder platform.

We can work with your existing videos easily, downloading them from their places on YouTube or Video for you.

Or we can script and produce attention-getting custom videos for your business. We also offer template-based productions for some niches, such as real estate, professional services, bars and restaurants, dentists and casinos.

Once your business video is done, we add it to our Super Hero list building platform, which gives it the super powers that register as a high-performing personalized video for Facebook. When the ad runs on our server, it can do all those things mentioned above. Your sales staff gets the lead data delivered immediately into their inboxes. The system compiles a spreadsheet of all form fill entries. The web hook adds each lead to your email service provider list for follow-up automation. We will help you make the most of all that.

You can also ask specific questions in your form fill, just as you might on a landing page form.

Your prospects will be able to enroll and fill the forms right in the videos. Use a Call-to-Action that links visitors to specific web pages or Facebook pages. Add hot leads to your mailing lists. You can put these ads just about anywhere (that accepts links to our server),  to track visitor behavior. You can even attach your Facebook Pixel. Prospects will see your Privacy Policy connected on the form page of the video before it collects the info and runs. They can easily remove their information, if they wish.

This is the Goldilocks of video ads – Square Super Hero Personalized Video Ads on Facebook business pages.

By the way, click on the red box with the white cross and see just where you can share this! Please try it!  (my favorite is Facebook Messenger!)

This video wants to interact with you. Give it a try.

Here’s a look at the data the video system collects. On the left, a screen shot of the spreadsheet from a recent campaign. On the right, the corresponding list of email notifications filling our inbox.


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